Kilfarrasy Beach - Co Waterford

Kilfarrasy Beach - Co Waterford

Beautifully photogenic, Kilfarrasy Beach is just one of the sites that make up the wondrous Copper Coast Geopark in County Waterford, located on the southeast coast of Ireland.

Named for the vast copper mines that developed and ran here before fading away in the 19th century, the Copper Coast is a spectacular outdoor museum of geological, historical, and cultural records. Undersea volcanoes, arid deserts and dramatic ice-ages are all part of the geological heritage of the area and reflect its evolution over the last 460 million years.

The commitment of the local communities to raising the awareness of the importance of the area’s geological heritage in history and society today has seen the Copper Coast Geopark being awarded UNESCO Global Geopark status.

There is much to explore and discover in the area, with scenic walking trails, guided tours, and adventure activities on offer.  A stop at the quaint visitor centre, housed in a pretty 19th-century church in the coastal village of Bonmahon is recommended.

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