Muckross House & Gardens

Muckross House & Gardens, Co Kerry

Only 20 minutes south of Killarney town centre, inside the national park, you’ll find Muckross House. This Victorian mansion lies close to the shores of Muckross Lake, which offers splendid views.

Built in 1843 for the Herbert family, and designed by Scottish architect William Burn, the house was intended as a grand family home. Visit here and you can see the various rooms furnished in the style of the period.

You could also explore the surrounding gardens, a landscaping project undertaken for the visit of Queen Victoria in 1861.

Nearby, you’ll find the ruins of Muckross Abbey, an old Irish monastery and modern graveyard. Founded in 1447 as a Franciscan friary, the first monastery was said to have been built here by Saint Fionan in the 6th century.

The area was also a burial site for local chieftains and many Gaelic poets.

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