Ha’penny Bridge, Co Dublin

Ha’penny Bridge, Co Dublin

One of the capital’s most photographed attractions and officially called the Liffey Bridge, Ha’penny Bridge got its colloquial name from the halfpenny toll that was originally charged to make a crossing.

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and is the starting point of most Irish adventures. Founded as a settlement by the Vikings in the 9th Century, it has a rich and varied past and is steeped in history and culture. Today, visitors to the “Fair City” will find it to be a captivating blend of the old and new, it's historic buildings, Georgian architecture and cobbled streets mixed with buzzing pubs, cool cafés, and a vibrant art scene.

Packed with culture, creativity and craic(fun), the centre is easy to walk and has an excellent public transport system with its Dublin buses and Luas tram service. Once you have tired of the myriad of restaurant and shopping choices and want to get some fresh air, you can head out beyond the city and discover scenic Dublin Bay. With its quaint villages, stunning sea views, rugged mountain backdrops and beautiful coastal walks, it is a great option for visitors keener on outdoor pursuits.

Some of the popular visitor attractions include:

The Guinness Storehouse, this seven-story building showcases the history and process behind Ireland’s most famous export and is Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction.

Dublin Castle, located right in the heart of the capital, is of great historical significance and has a long and storied past.

Kilmainham Gaol, a major museum and monument to more than a century of Irish nationalism, it bore witness to many heroic and tragic events.

Trinity College Dublin, the oldest university in Ireland. A visit to the Long Room, one of the world’s most beautiful libraries, and the Old Library, home to the fascinating Book of Kells, is essential.

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